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Clear Out Your Old Office Building

Recycle office furniture

Each year, United States companies purchase eleven million filing cabinets. The amount of furniture going into and out of offices in America is incredible. It makes sense. Each company office needs desks, filing cabinets, and several other pieces of furniture to make it ready for business. Once a business is done with its furniture, St. Louis office furnitur liquidators can come in and take it off of their hands.

St. Louis office furnitur liquidators can remove more than just office furniture. They will also take out old data runs and cable. St. Louis office furnitur liquidators are especially necessary when a corporation moves. The old space must be cleared of all cables and furnishings.

The St. Louis area has a culture that promotes growing business. This culture enhances the likelihood that busi

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Get the Best Price on Theater Tickets

Atlantic city events

Here are some fun facts about theaters you may enjoy. Did you know that it used to be against the law to take your shoes off in one of the theaters in Illinois if you had stinky feet? The first theater ever built in the White House was Franklin D. Roosevelt. He is the president who also got to have a swimming pool built in the White House too. The one city in America that has the most live theater seats per capita is New York City and the largest stand alone theater in the entire world is in Chicago Illinois. The first theater that only showed motion pictures was the Nikelodeon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It opened in 1905. And here is a fact that is not too much fun but good to know about anyway. There is a 1275% mark up on movie theater popcorn. One reason for the mark up is because people can get th

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