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Keep Losing Salespeople? A Recruitment Firm Can Help You Hire Employees Who Will Last

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Sales can be pretty unforgiving. Not everyone is cut out for it, and weeding out the few who are can be costly, and time consuming. Do not risk your company going under while you are too busy hiring new sales people. How are recruitment firms helping sales companies hire the right sales reps, the first time?

Knowing What Qualities to Look For

Most companies know to look for the obvious qualities, like a genuine smile and a firm handshake. Most firms, however, have a tendency to undermine the most important qualities necessary for a successful sales career. These qualities are patience, and determination. Confidence and enthusiasm can be learned, but Read more ...

Your Family’s Timeless Portrait

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Family photographs are a great way to capture the memories that you do not want to forget. Sometimes, people will go to family portrait photographers and others who specialize in producing displays of the entire family. The best family photographer will frequently have a reputation that proceeds him, if not through the photography itself then through word of mouth from other family friends who will recommend him.

There are certain tropes that accompany every type of photography. For example, in family photographs, it is common to try to capture the smallness of a baby by photographing them without their clothes on. Of course, there are millions of photos taken every two

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Putman Tree Service in Virginia Beach VA


Putman Tree Service

4445 Corporation Lane

Virginia Beach, VA 23462


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As a Class A licensed Contractor we use only the best service equipment and maintain a skilled staff to answer your questions. Family owned and operated since 1993, we’ve built our reputation on providing quality services at competitive prices which has earned us many valuable customers.

Our commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality services at affordable rates is what makes Putman Tree Service the obvious choice to meet your needs. Call for a free analysis and estimate of how to prepare your yard and property for hurricanes and seasonal storms!

Did You Know that Training is a High Leverage Activity? Three Facts

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Are you looking for ways to make your business more successful? One way to power up your employees, other than providing free coffee, is to enroll them in finance training courses. Believe it or not, these courses can be useful for a wide range of employee types, not just those involved in nut and bolt finance. Here are three things you should know about training courses.

1. How it Will Benefit Your Company

How exactly will your non financial managers improve from learning about finance? Managerial performance is often judged on the profitability of an operation, and in order to increase profits, managers need a solid understanding of finance. Finance training topics like accounting, for example, will hel

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Four Supplies You Will Need to Start Making Pottery

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Pottery, which is fired ceramic ware that contains clay, is a popular form of artwork that has been in existence for ages. Even as early as the 15th century BCE in China, glazed stoneware was being created. In order to experience the art of pottery making, however, the appropriate ceramic supplies must be utilized. By gathering the necessary ceramic supplies, you can begin your journey to successful pottery making.

1. Clay. Pottery is usually made using earthenware, stoneware, or porcelain. Since different types of pottery clay can produce different looks, it is important to use one that will best fit your needs. Adding additives to your c

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