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When You Want the Best News in Boston, Where Do You Turn?

Boston weather channel 5

How do you partake in the daily news? Everyone has their own ritual. It could be drinking a cup of coffee and eating a croissant while reading the morning paper at your local coffee shop. It could be mindlessly scanning the internet while you have nothing to do at work. It could be through less than reputable news broadcasts on the television, that focus more on the latest Miley Cyrus debacle than on the actual news that everyone should be hearing.

Or, you can get your news the smart way and watch an actually reliable news source that will give you the latest, most important news updates, all at the most convenient times. In Boston, the only source for such comprehensive and professional coverage is the news found on Channel 5.

  • Channel 5 News
  • If you doubt that Channel

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Learn to Predict the Weather!

Boston weather channel 5

The Channel 5 Weather Boston team does a great job at predicting the weather, but did you know that you can also make rough predictions of the weather without all of the scientific equipment? Of course, nowadays all you need to do is check the Channel 5 Weather Boston news feed on your phone, but wouldn’t it be cool to impress friends and family with meteorological skills?

Rainbow in the morning, need for a warning.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, a rainbow in the West indicates that a storm is coming. This is because the sun’s rays from the East strike the moisture in the Western air. This shows that a storm is on its way. Conversely, a rainbow in the East means that a storm is on its way out!

Red sky at night, sailor’s delight; Red sky at morning, sailors take warnin

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Channel 5 News and Weather

Boston channel 5 weather

The news can keep you up to date on current events around the world. It can let you know about events and happenings across town or right in your neighborhood. It can give you budget tips, cooking advice, and the latest entertainment news and gossip. But of all the reason you tune in to Channel 5 News weather may have the most direct impact on your daily life.

Knowing which clothes to lay out for the morning is just the beginning. An accurate five, seven, or ten day forecast can help you plan your weekend, decide where to spend your vacation, or find out which day will be best to work from the park. News 5 Weather uses the latest prediction technology to bring you the most accurate, up to the minute weather forecasts possible, so you can live your life and never be caught off guard by the weather.

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Channel 5 Boston Covers the Stories Most Relevant to You

Given the plethora of cable news programming that is available 24 hours 7 days a week, you would think it would be easy to find news that you consider relevant. Unfortunately, fewer and fewer stations are anything like WCVB Channel 5 News Boston, because we live in a society that is driven by the almighty dollar. We get what sells. Ultimately, you get less programming like WCVB Channel 5 news weather, and more over hyped and sensationalized news programs.

Although few look at cultural tastes in television programming this way, it really is no different than how cultures musical tastes are cultivated. For instance, the scales, modes, and chord progressions of Saudi Arabian music sound “normal” and “correct” to Saudi Arabians, yet it sounds “different,” “odd,” and even “unsettling to many westerners. Likewise, our music is not their preference because it is not as common to them. Basically, we choose to listen to music that contains the harmonic elements that are most familiar to us. L

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What’s Your First Choice for Boston News?

2013 has turned out to be an important year to stay informed about major national news. The latest big event, on the heels of the tragic and frightening Boston Marathon bombing, has turned out to be intelligence analyst Edward Snowden’s leak of classified spying policies that have unnerved the public and prompted a heavy handed response from the government. For many locals, the place they heard these stories first was WCVB Channel 5 News Boston.

Channel 5 News Boston is a Hearst owned station that that partners with Hearst Television, CNN, ABC and Internet Broadcasting to bring Bostonians timely and top quality content on TV and online. Although the Boston Globe is surely the best known and most widely read print news in Boston (and has a robust online presence), WCVB Channel 5 Boston is the city’s dominant TV news, and a hot news destination online as well. Channel 5 News Boston is also blessed with a great news team including anchors like Kathy Curran, Randy Price and

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