10 Stunning Bathroom Ideas – DIY Projects for Home

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10 Stunning Bathroom Ideas – DIY Projects for Home


It’s soft and airy. There are many glass options for you to pick. These include:
Clear glass: It is the most popular choice since it offers a clear views of the shower and makes the space feel more spacious. However, it will require less maintenance than frosted and tinted glass because it shows the soap scum and spots of water better. Frosted glass can be a good option when you want security, yet not be protected. It allows light to flow through but doesn’t obscure the view. Glass that is clear doesn’t suffer from the same problem with soap scum, or water spots. Tinted glass: Tinted glass provides some privacy while still allowing some light in. Tinted glass can be found in many colors so that you can pick the appropriate shade to match your bathroom. Rain glass provides an interesting look that can be an excellent way to add some texture to the bathroom. The glass is designed to replicate the effect of raindrops falling upon windows. it’s great for privacy but being able to let light through.

No matter which option you select, frameless glass shower doors make a beautiful addition to any bathroom. However, you need to choose the correct glass company to install them properly. Before you make a decision make sure you get at least three quotes.


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