Air Springs v Conventional Coil Springs

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Air Springs v Conventional Coil Springs

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Vibration control systems are important to any facility or single machine that experiences high speeds. This includes drills, saws, sanders, and even cars. Most people think of a shock-absorbing pad or conventional spring when they think of vibration mounts. But a lighter, more flexible, and more customizable solution can be found in automated air springs.

Air springs work according to the exact same principles as coil springs: sudden or repetitive motion is absorbed through one end and now transmitted to the other. But the mechanism differs wildly. Where coiled springs rely on rotational tension to disperse the forces, air springs rely on direct compression.

A flexible bellows is made from textile-reinforced latex or rubber. This is often connected to an air compressor that can be used to raise or lower the spring depending on the application. In the automotive world, this lends itself to variable suspensions that can ride lower at faster speeds and higher over uneven terrain. In the manufacturing world, air springs often exist where vibration control is necessary only some of the time.

Air springs can also be used in law enforcement and rescue operations. In some auto accidents, a deflated air spring can be inserted into a damaged doorframe and reinflated to push apart the metal open the door more fully, allowing trapped persons to be removed quickly and efficiently.

Using the rescue model, we see that air compression springs can also be more easily replaced than conventional springs. Since they can also be flattened by deflation, rather than just compression, a heavy component need not be lifted as far to accommodate a repair, and constant force need not be applied to the spring, saving energy and avoiding a potentially dangerous situation.

If you need vibration control, consider all your options. An air spring may fit the bill quite nicely, and give you flexibility and functions you never knew you could have. Get more info here:

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