Are You Wasting Time on 1980s Tactics? Four Tips for Netting a Job

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Are You Wasting Time on 1980s Tactics? Four Tips for Netting a Job

Employer hiring

Are you one of the 11.5 million people looking for a job? Economic times are tough, and many people are wondering how long it will be until they are employed again. If you are looking for employer hiring positions, here are four tips to netting the interview, and then the job.

1. Stop Wasting Time on 1980s Tactics

Pay attention to your parents, but know when their advice is outdated. Going door to door for applications is pretty much last century now, considering that up to the hour openings are usually listed on sites like LinkedIn, Monster, and CareerSearch. You can do employer job searches in specific area codes in order to speed the process. Many places will not even allow you to submit in person resumes anymore. Get ready to email, and for this reason, download a professional email, cover letter, and resume template.

2. Agency Resources staffing

Employment agencies have been around since 1650, and they have remained an important link connecting employees to employers. Free employment agencies essentially act as a middle man, saving companies time by sending them employees who are already prescreened and qualified. The benefits? It is a great way to try out jobs in different industries, and you will often be able to get your foot in otherwise closed doors. The downside? These jobs are sometimes only temporary, and it can be difficult to gauge whether you have a chance at long term employment.

3. Not a Clean Slate, but a Managed One

You cannot redo your past, but you can make it look as good as possible. This ranges from past employment to questionable Facebook photos. Make sure all of your social media sites only list thoughts and photos that highlight your employment suitability. Many companies make a habit of doing a search for employees online. When writing your resume, prioritize describing your duties at jobs that have the most cross over appeal to the position you are applying for.

4. The Interview

Forbes recently came out with a list of the top three personality traits that employers are most likely to hire. They were professionalism, high energy, and confidence. These traits are also critical to prepare for, since they are all things employers can judge within the first 30 seconds of meeting you. Be ready with a warm smile, a firm handshake, a clean suit and a can do attitude.

Have any tips for how to approach employer hiring opportunities?

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