Cooking with Hummus

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Cooking with Hummus

Hummus spread recipes

The U.S. is in the midst of a hummus craze. By 2008, more than 15 million Americans said they consumed hummus on a regular basis, and according to research conducted in 2010, consumption increased by 35% over 21 months with sales reaching almost $300 million. Why the sudden spike? It’s hard to say for sure, but it looks like Americans finally caught on to the health benefits and amazing taste of this favorite Middle Eastern Dip.

What Exactly is Hummus?

Hummus dips are made from a blend of chickpeas, sesame paste called tahini, and a variety of herbs and spices. Some of the best hummus dip recipes incorporate some extra flavors like roasted garlic, red pepper, roasted pine nut, spinach and artichoke, sun dried tomato, spicy, lemon, and jalapeno. Though one of the major recommending factors of hummus is that it’s absolutely delicious, it is also well known for being a great source of some important vitamins and minerals like iron, vitamin C, folate, and vitamin B6.

How Do You Eat It?

Hummus dip recipes are designed to be eaten with classic dippers like pita chips, pretzels, and crackers, but there are plenty of other ways to use hummus in your cooking. Here are a few simple hummus dip recipes you can try at home:

Hummus Dip Recipes at Lunch

  • Try hummus on a sandwich or in a wrap with peppers, mixed greens, and a little spiced chicken.
  • Use hummus in your chicken salad as a healthier alternative to mayonnaise.

Hummus Dip Recipes at Dinner

  • Use hummus in place of sauce on a veggie pizza.
  • Stuff ravioli with hummus instead of sauce and meat.
  • Mix a little hummus in with your mashed potatoes.

Because hummus is so healthy and so easy to incorporate into your diet, it’s an easy way to add a few vitamins into your day without losing out on taste. Whether you buy it pre made or mix it up yourself, there’s no denying that hummus is a diet staple you won’t want to shake. Research more here:

2 thoughts on “Cooking with Hummus

  1. I love roasted red pepper hummus with pretzels. Definitely a comfort food.

  2. I love roasted red pepper hummus with pretzels. Definitely a comfort food.

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