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Crazy Tornado Footage – Entertainment Videos

Ping roofs can be observed flying off of houses. The tornado that struck this area was not an exception. In the video below, you can see the tornado tear an entire roof off an entire house.

Hank Schyma, a veteran storm chaser. It is the 9th of May 2016. Hank is currently in Oklahoma looking for a potential supercell. Yes, it creates the appearance of a vortex. Hank can clearly see the vortex from a distant distance. However, there is no tornado warning. Hank quickly calls the tornado in an effort to allow people to take get shelter. Hank tries to move closer but the tornado is very far away. Since his views of the storm are dim, it is risky. But, the risk paid off because he found a wide gap on the side of a hill. It is spinning very fast.

Unfortunately, the tornado continues to demolish a neighboring house. This roof will not be fixed by professional residential roofing companies. There is a need to eliminate the whole roof. The beams are visible as well as support structures spinning violently within the spiral. The home is gone. The building is gone. Tornadoes should be treated seriously.


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