Do Not Hibernate This Winter!

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Do Not Hibernate This Winter!

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Many cities that lie along the post industrial Rust Belt (Detroit, Pittsburgh, Buffalo) have seen better economic days. But one city, my Rochester, is still deemed fair amongst its many inhabitants and visitors.

For a mid sized city that more than one million people call home, Rochester, New York is still touted as one of the most livable cities in America. This acclaim is due to its affordable housing, manageable commute times, and mid range cost of living. In addition, the seasonal calendar Rochester has fun happenings for all.

As autumn quickly falls upon us and the slumber of winter is merely a blink of an eye away, there are many residents asking, what to do in Rochester this winter? The following are a few well known (and not so well known) Rochester NY events and gems to keep you and your lovelies entertained this season.

  • The Lakeside Winter Celebration
  • Along the shores of the easternmost Great Lake, Lake Ontario, the city of Rochester hosts an annual winter festival full of activities for all ages. Wine tasting, a polar plunge, chili contests, and a snow sculpture bonanza will provide fun for all.

  • The Rochester Public Market
  • Open year round on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, the Rochester Public Market offers an array of produce, flowers, and delicious food from local vendors. Whether you crave a pierogie, empanada, or a breakfast sandwich, you are sure to find something to satisfy your palate.

  • Visit the Wintery Starry Skies
  • The Strasenburg Planetarium on historic East Avenue showcases a magnificent laser show alongside holiday music. The sights are spectacular, and the spirit of the holidays can brighten the day of any scrooge.

If you are asking what to do in Rochester this winter, be sure to check out this list. If I left out events in rochester ny that you and your family adore, please share your thoughts below!

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