Do Not Let an Unhealthy Lifestyle Affect the Health of You and Your Family

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Do Not Let an Unhealthy Lifestyle Affect the Health of You and Your Family

Proper way to lose weight

Obesity and living an unhealthy lifestyle has become a serious problem in the United States. In the past thirty years, obesity has nearly doubled in children. Being overweight can cause several complications to your health, such as diabetes, different pregnancy complications, heart and other organ diseases. Being overweight can even cause damage to your joints like your hips and knees from experiencing 3 times as much pressure each with each step you take. But why? Why is this trend of unhealthy lifestyles and obesity affecting more and more Americans each year? And what is the best way to lose weight?

The number one contributing factor to obesity in America is lack of knowledge regarding living a healthy lifestyle and the proper way to lose weight. In America, while the country provides many valuable opportunities and benefits for its citizens, too many private entities make it too easy for Americans to get fat. A perfect example lays in the reality that you can feed a family of four a dinner of fatty and unhealthy fast-food for significantly less money than a home-prepared meal featuring fruits and vegetables. Americans, with their busy schedules, would rather pick up a cheap, unhealthy meal for their family on the way home from work, and then lounge around and relax for the remainder of the evening, only to wake up and repeat the same process the next day. Eating healthier meals, prepared at home, consisting of natural foods is important for maintaining a strong metabolism and will often help with diabetes prevention.

When attempting to figure out the proper way to lose weight, pay little to no attention to your Body Max Index (BMI). This is another health topic that many Americans misunderstand. It is the percentage of body fat in your body that is the important data to measure, not your BMI. A BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 is considered healthy, but this may not reflect how healthy an individual truly is. A male who stands only 5’7′ but weighs 200 pounds, will have a very high BMI, classifying him as over weight. This classification is completely false. If he is completely healthy, and weighs that much due to a considerable amount of muscle on his body, and very low levels of fat, the reflection of his BMI is inaccurate because it does not account for the percentage of fat in his body.

The proper way to lose weight, and the most effective way, is to always improve your diet. While at least thirty minutes of exercise are recommended each day to maintain a healthy weight, if you are not eating a healthy and balanced diet, you will see little to no improvement. The ratio to dieting and exercising when trying to lose weight is always 70:30, in favor of dieting. Healthy weight loss programs can help to educate you on proper fitness routines and nutrition plans to lose weight. Palm Beach weight loss programs also often offer diabetes weight loss help, as many individuals who are overweight are at a high risk of diabetes.

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