Finding the Right Android Security Model

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Finding the Right Android Security Model

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Move over, BYOB. A new acronym has made its way into the business world, one that perfectly captures the growing tech abundance of the 21st century: BYOD. Short for bring your own device, BYOD is a relatively new policy that plenty of companies are beginning to implement in order to bring about the most effective results from their workforce.

BYOD tends to be popular with employees because they can perform their work right from a device of their own choosing, one they are likely also already familiar with. These policies allow employees to use the operating systems they have grown accustomed to as well as only use one device instead of having separate ones for work and home life. But as such a new concept, does BYOD provide adequate protection for business?

Cloud-based software such as the Android security model can help eliminate these types of security concerns from companies with BYOD policies. By using cloud-based Android management systems, you can get more visibility and control for enterprise devices as well as universal protection all under the same network. Considering how there is more than 91 million smartphones in the world, it is easy to see why a company would want to get all their BYOD participants on the same page of security.

An Android in the enterprise security model is protected by a vast system. But problems can arise from time to time, as they tend to do, when implementing a BYOD policy. If an employee leaves the company to go to another, they may still have sensitive company data on that same phone. Also, if a device is lost or stolen, there exists a risk that this important data could be compromised. These are situations where an Android security model can work wonders for a company.

Essentially, these Android device management systems provide security in the most basic sense of the term. If these devices are lost or stolen, the Android security model can wipe all the important corporate data from them before it can be compromise. The same goes for when employees transfer to new organizations.

When it comes to BYOD, always play it safe. A solid Android security model will allow you the peace of mind you need when dealing with high-level, sensitive information on a wide scale. Best of luck when you BYOD.

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