Five Online Marketing Tips to Help You Build a Better Business

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Five Online Marketing Tips to Help You Build a Better Business

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In the old days, if you had to promote a brand or event, you’d staple a flyer to a telephone pole, and you could bet people would see it. Not anymore, nostalgia fiends. Today, promoters are constantly fighting for the attention of your eyes, and nowhere is this more prevalent than on the web. It takes a certain kind of company to run the right online marketing campaign to get noticed. Want to know where to start? Try these five tips on for size.

There are nearly 2 billion online searches per month.

No, seriously. Every month, users from around the world are seeking out information via search engines, and nearly 2,000 searches are occurring every second. If you haven’t noticed, people want lots of answers — and they want them quickly. Given these essential facts, you really can’t afford to not invest in online marketing techniques to help boost your visibility in the Google rankings.

Content-based SEO is becoming a top tool.

You’ve launched a cool-looking website with plenty of engaging features for users to take advantage of. Now, how do you get them to visit? As the popular metaphor goes, starting up a business website without any SEO content marketing is like putting up a billboard for your brand in the middle of a desert. The more content you produce, the more avenues you open up to being discovered by users — especially those users who rely heavily on searches.

Blogging for a bigger, better buzz.

Companies with engaging website designs will attract the eyes of users. But you want them to stay and have a look around, so give them something to read, too. Blogging can significantly boost a company’s visibility because of the number of indexed pages it nets them for search engines. Additionally, 57% of businesses have landed a new customer simply because they keep a company blog. Start blogging and tell your users know everything you want them to know.

It pays to go organic.

Nowadays, whenever you step into a supermarket, you see all the different kinds of organic juices, grains and produce you could ever want. The same thing’s true for online marketing, minus all the food. Users want real, unfiltered content that’s not paid advertising, which is why it helps to land your links high up in the search rankings through SEO. After all, 42% of all search users click the top-listed link.

Don’t forget about social media.

Building a successful online marketing campaign is a lot like assembling a healthy diet plan. You need designs that grab, a steady stream of content and plenty of social media interaction in order to succeed — much like eating well is a balance of different nutrients. Respond to those posts to your brand page. Retweet users who dig your products. Most importantly, never stop updating! Around 41% of companies gain new users simply from keeping a constant presence on Facebook. Links like this.

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