Hospital Digital Signage Can Boost Patient Satisfaction

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Hospital Digital Signage Can Boost Patient Satisfaction

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According to statistics from Beckers Hospital Review, 77 percent of healthcare patients in the United States are satisfied with their healthcare providers. Another study from HawkPartners ICARE Global Patient Pulse conducted in February 2012, 82 percent of patients are satisfied with the care they get from hospitals. Additionally, a Business Wire report states that American patients are satisfied with the primary care doctor about 93 percent of the time.

On the other side, an estimated 71 percent of Americans wish that the cost of medical of medical treatment was lower, and approximately 25 percent wish they had more choices in doctors and other healthcare providers.

Hospital digital signage can often help healthcare providers provide a better level of service to their patients. Hospital digital signage and interactive digital signage can be used to alert patients in waiting areas of the wait times to expect. This is certainly a great way in improving patient satisfaction and care.

Hospital digital signage is often used in large facilities as directional indicators. This hospital digital signage can help patients and others find there way around the facility. Patients and visitors will be able to locate places in the healthcare facility quickly so they can receive treatment quickly. Hospital digital signage is especially important when people need to locate the emergency rooms or other urgent care facilities.

Hospital digital signage can play a large role in helping patient check in and out of hospitals and medical care facilities. Many hospitals have patients check in and then they will be notified of when their appointment time is approaching. Patients will no longer be tied to the waiting room.

Once in an exam room, hospital digital signage can let physicians and other medical professionals know who is in which room. This will allow doctors to provide a more efficient method because they will have the correct records with them during an exam.

As you can see, hospital digital signage has increased the level of patient care by speeding up the waiting process, as well as allowing easy access to areas of the facility. So, the next time you have to visit a hospital, you may look at that hospital digital signage a bit differently.

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