How to Hire Sales People That will Last at your Company

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How to Hire Sales People That will Last at your Company

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Sick of fast turnover with your sales people? Are you looking for ways to know you are hiring sales people that are going to stay and do well, not only for themselves but also for your company? Well, it isn’t easy to find sales people, and it is definitely not uncommon for them to be gone quickly after hiring. The average turnover for a sales team is more than 40% in a year, and 32% of people that are currently in sales position have been with that company for a year or less.

It can help your company if you hire sales recruiters to select sales reps for you, because they can be trained in the culture and industry that you are looking to fill the position in, and will be able to make a more informed decision on hiring sales people for you. Sometimes referred to as sales headhunters, they are more likely to find sales people for you that will stay at your company for longer and will help to be sure you have people working for you that want to go down the sales career path.

One thing to look for when hiring sales people is strong communication skills. Having a job in sales demands not only strong verbal skills, but also written skills in order to talk to potential customers and get them invested in the product or service they are trying to sell. A good way to test this is going to be a test that covers both written and verbal scenarios. Not only will it make it easier for them to see what they are getting into, but it will make it easier for you to tell if they are going to be good for the position.

It actually is not as important as you might think to look at experience when hiring sales people. That goes especially for businesses and firms that already have senior sales reps and sales resp that have been there for a while, because they can assist in mentoring and training new recruits so they get used to the job more quickly.

Really, the most important things to look for are strong communication skills, an outgoing personality, and a willingness to work hard and learn the position well. If you can find all of those things, you might just have someone that will stick around, and sales recruiters know how to test for those qualities to make sure that you get them.

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