How to Make Your Computer Desktop More Unique

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How to Make Your Computer Desktop More Unique

Did you know that computer wall paper is an image that is used as the background of a computer desktop? Although users were able to change the color of their desktop wall paper on computers dating back to 1985, it was not until 1990 that users had the ability to use custom images as their wall paper. Today, wall papers can be customized in many ways, and this gives users the ability to make their desktops more unique.

1. Motionless wall paper. These types of wall papers are still images that can take many forms. Designs and patterns, web images, and photographs, for example, are three of the most common types of images people use as still-image wall paper. These types of wall papers are motionless, but you are able to use nearly any image that you can download or upload to the computer.

2. Dynamic wall paper. Dynamic wall paper is a type of desktop background that cycles through pictures. On many operating systems, you are able to place images into a folder and then use these pictures as the wall paper. The desktop will cycle through all the images contained in the folder, giving you a dynamic background that only displays the pictures you want.

3. Live wall paper. This type of wall paper is becoming more common on the Android operating system for mobile devices. Live wall paper is an application that provides the background image for the home screen, and many of these wall papers are animated in order to provide dynamic, visually-stunning images. Live wall paper can be found on some desktop computers, as well, meaning both mobile and desktop users are able to experience these interactive backgrounds.

Desktop wall paper has been available for nearly three decades, and it is a popular way to make computer home screens more unique. There are several types of desktop wall papers available, including motionless, dynamic, and live, and each one is beneficial in its own way. By choosing the wall paper you enjoy the most, your desktop will get the customized upgrade that sets it apart from other computers. Read this website for more information.

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