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The Origins of Earrings – Kredy Online

The beauty and style of fashion is a fundamental aspect of our society’s cultural. While jewelry trends are constantly changing, earrings have been well-loved by generations of people. In this piece this article, we’ll take a look at the history of earrings.

In prehistoric Egypt jewelry was worn by men. This is not the case with that which we have now. It was among the first examples of earrings. Although earrings are worn by both males and women, today they are generally seen on women. It’s also interesting to see that in ancient Egypt it was the opposite.

An interesting fact about the history of earrings is the ban they received from the Catholic Church during the thirteenth century. Imagine earrings being outlawed to be worn today.

As we look at today the present, it’s clear the fact that more than 80 percent of Americans have an ear-piercing. This number is much greater than at any other occasions we have discussed. Although they’ve had a long and complicated background they are now a fashionable statement. The significance of earrings can be cultural, but this is uncommon. There are many different styles that make earrings very popular however, so are different designs for piercings. The need for piercings isn’t limited only to one spot to pierce your ears. It is the reason the reason why there are a variety of earrings.


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