What is a Small Cooling Tower?

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What is a Small Cooling Tower?

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Cooling towers, including a small cooling towers, are heat removal devices that are used to transfer waste heat to the atmosphere to create a cooler environment. Cooling towers got their start during the development of condensers for use with steam engines in the 19th century.

A cooling tower can use one of two ways to transfer heat. In one method, a small cooling tower will use water evaporation to remove the heat and then cool the fluid to near wet bulb air temperature. Hen there is the small cooling tower of the closed circuit dry variety. These towers rely only on air to cool the working fluid to the dry bulb air temperature.

Cooling towers, including small cooling towers, are often used to cool circulating water at oil refineries, chemical companies, and thermal power stations, as well as in HVAC systems.

If you have a cooling tower at your facility you need to make sure they stay up and running. You should look at the water distribution system of your small cooling tower at least twice a month. This will ensure that the water level remains even. If it is not maintaining an even level, check the small cooling tower nozzles to make sure they are clean.

You will also want to check the strainers on your water cooling towers. You want to make sure that there is no debris build up that could affect the cooling properties. You may want to check with the manufacturer instructions to understand how to locate and maintain these strainers. Many small cooling towers will come with a spray system that can help you clear out those essential strainers. Cleaning of the strainers on a small cooling tower should occur at least every two weeks. This will help keep your small cooling tower running well.

Remove dirt from the basin of your small cooling tower. You will do this by cleaning it out via the tower drain. This should be done about once a month or so. This will keep your small cooling tower running well, as well as reducing the cost to operate the tower.

Finally, check the belt drive on your cooling tower. Again, this may be a case where you want to check the cooling tower manufacturer specifications.

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