What is Cosmetic Dentistry? A Beginner’s Guide to Better Smiles

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What is Cosmetic Dentistry? A Beginner’s Guide to Better Smiles

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It turns out that, yes, smiles really are all they are cracked up to be. A study conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry showed that a healthy, vibrant smile can make a person appear more intelligent, more interesting, more successful and, perhaps most immediately, friendlier. If you are unsatisfied with your smile, you could be depriving yourself of opportunities to grow as a person and branch out into new territory.

Luckily, this is where cosmetic dentistry can help. I know, I know: What is cosmetic dentistry, right? You probably hate going to the dentist as much as the next person, but you should not. Cosmetic dentists can outfit your mouth with a number of upgrades including dental implants, crowns and, of course, the straightest and shiniest smile you have ever known.

At its most basic level, cosmetic dentistry refers to certain dental operations performed by dentists with the aim of improving both the health and appearance of your teeth and gums. Your visits with the dentist will allow him or her to examine your mouth and see exactly what work can be done to benefit your oral health. What is cosmetic dentistry, after all, if not effective?

Now you know what cosmetic dentists do, but you are probably wondering how they do it. And just what are dental implants, anyway? Dental implants require some kind of surgical implant in your bone socket of a missing tooth. These are typically made of titanium to ensure they will last for the rest of your life. With proper maintenance, they will.

Implants are just one option. You can choose to get veneers, which are tooth coverings, or crowns, which cap a tooth using dental cement, in order to fill the gaps in your smile. However, what is cosmetic dentistry if not a way to make it shine? Teeth whitening might be your best option if you want the most memorable smile you can have.

Some of the most raving teeth whitening reviews swear by the at-home bleach tray method. This particular procedure allows you to whiten your teeth even while you sleep by fitting your mouth with a tray filled with custom whitening gels. For faster results, however, you might need to bring in the lasers. By using an aggressive method of attack, laser whitening can likely get you a better smile the quickest way possible.

So, to recap: What is cosmetic dentistry? An avenue to a better smile and a brighter future. For more information, call to make an informational appointment. See this reference for more.

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  1. Teeth whitening can be done in so many ways, you really have to weed out the ineffective ones though. Those strips you buy at the supermarket are no good.

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