You Can Only Imagine the Noise Your Guitar Will Be Capable of

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You Can Only Imagine the Noise Your Guitar Will Be Capable of

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The guitar has attained ubiquity within popular music culture, but the instrument has been around for a long time. Its creation is believed to have been motivated by a musical instrument referred to as a cithara. This instrument originated with the Romans who brought it to Hispania in 40 AD. Guitars have certainly evolved since that time!

For centuries, guitars were solely acoustic instruments. It was not until 1931 when the first electric guitar was made that the sound and capabilities of the instrument reached its rudimentary fruition. At the outset, the electric guitar was embraced by jazz musicians. However, the explosion of rock n’ roll cemented the electric guitar as not only a powerful driver of a hit song, but a symbol of seismic social change.

It was the thrilling vigor of rock n roll music that pushed the electric guitar to greater levels of innovation. During their infancy, guitar effect pedals revolutionized the rock n roll sound. The prototypical electric guitar pedals first employed to engender effects were propelled by vacuum tubes. These pedals were cumbersome and difficult to carry, as well as being exceptionally delicate. So too was there another obstacle to musicians taking advantage of these primitive electric guitar pedals. Initially, electric guitar pedals were simply too expensive for the average musician.

The advent of transistor technology ushered in a groundbreaking shift for electric guitar pedals during the early 1960s. When this innovative technological approach was applied to electric guitar pedals, a generation of smaller, standalone models that were both cheap and easy to transport flooded the market. This new generation of electric guitar pedals transformed the popular music playing field of the day, marshaling in a period of pioneering experimentation that would transform rock n roll.

Nowadays, electric guitar pedals come in as many varieties as there are hues in the rainbow. The pigtronix infinity looper makes it possible for guitarists to duplicate certain notes repeatedly as a means of generating a layering effect. Then, there are compression electric guitar pedals which narrow the dynamic range of a guitar tone by restricting the stress on a single note. Whether you play a Breedlove c25 or a Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24, you should be able to find electric guitar pedals that make possible the sound quality you are looking for. There are, in fact, so many electric guitar pedals that listing each one would require bandwidth beyond the capability of this article. However, each and every one of the electric guitar pedals introduced in the past half century is responsible for pushing the rock n roll envelope in some way. For that, musicians and gear heads everywhere should thank their lucky stars.
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