Dazzle Your Wedding Guests by Using a Camo Wedding Theme

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Dazzle Your Wedding Guests by Using a Camo Wedding Theme

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A little history on camo clothing is in order when it comes to searching for camo wedding ideas. For instance, in the 19th century, firearm accuracy and the distance that bullets could reach dramatically increased, so the idea of military members wearing camouflage clothing was born. By wearing camouflage uniforms soldiers are harder to see off in the distance. It is also interesting to note that it was during this time that the Chelsea Arts Club also hosted their 1919 “dazzle ball”, in which the guests wore black and white dazzle patterned or camouflage clothes. This was probably the first time camouflage type clothing was available to the public. Also, hunters today normally wear camo clothing when they go out hunting.

Fast forward to today, and we see military vehicles painted with camouflage paints and military members wearing camouflage clothes that reflect infrared. These kinds of camouflage clothing, designed so that military members can still move around in the dark, help keep soldiers safer while out on maneuvers and while conducting raids in combat zones. In other words, the camo textiles used today provide concealment even when the enemy uses night vision.

The most common design on camouflage clothing today is patterned after Mother Nature’s background. For instance, we all know that a giraffe can hide in plain sight amounts a trove of trees because of their spots. Camo print type material usually mimics nature, with spots and swirls of greens, browns and black, similar to what Mother Nature has provided in jungles and forests. The military has also designed camouflage prints to help obscure the view of someone off in the distance in a desert setting.

So now that you have that information in mind, think of what camo wedding ideas would be. You do not have to use camo wedding ideas with green, brown and black or grey colors. Camo wedding ideas today use various other colors too, such as pinks and blues and even black and yellow. The bride’s dress can be made of unique camouflage print and even the cake can be frosted and made to look like camouflage frosting. The best way to get camo wedding ideas is to start looking at the pictures online of brides who have gone with the camo wedding theme. You will be pleasantly surprised at how pretty wedding decorations and clothes can look, using camo wedding ideas today.

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