Five Tips for Self Storage in Clearwater

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Five Tips for Self Storage in Clearwater

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Many people choose to place their belongings in storage while they are moving, renovating, downsizing, et cetera. If you are interested in self storage clearwater, there are several things you should keep in mind.

First, it is advisable that you chose a space a little bit larger than what you need. There are two advantages here. First, you will be able to move around easier when you need to get something out of your storage space. Second, you will be able to add things to your storage if the need arises.

Second, find a Clearwater storage facility that has adequate security. What prevents intruders from approaching your storage container? Is there someone on guard, or at least a fence? And can you come and access your storage at any time? These are important questions to consider.

Third, your self storage Clearwater needs to be humidity and possibly heat controlled, especially if you are storing materials like wood which can bend and warp when placed in high humidity environments for extended periods of time.

Fourth, remember that if you forget to or cannot make payments to your storage clearwater fl location, they will place a lock on your container, and after a period of a few months depending on the location, they will auction off your belongings. The resulting money will first pay off your debt to them, and then you will receive the remainder.

Fifth, when you place items into your self storage Clearwater, use similar sized boxes in order to utilize space most effectively, and do not put anything in plastic bags, which trap humidity and encourage mildew and mold growth.

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