Finding the Right SEO Reseller

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Finding the Right SEO Reseller

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Finding the right Seo reseller can help to explode your profits and provide significant revenue to your clients. If you are considering adding a private label SEO service, you should do some preliminary research to find the best Seo reseller plans for your business.

Start your research with online reviews or referrals from colleagues. While most SEO plans are similar from a features stand point, you are looking for customer service, successful production, and scalability among other considerations. Typically, you will find an abundance of online reviews that can provide insight into various SEO providers.

As you begin to analyze the online reviews, be aware that there will be bias in certain comments. You can look at the current and previous clients to judge how biased reviews might be and to find the core reasons behind such reviews. Use this to narrow down your list of potential providers. Also, this will probably give you insight into the questions you need to ask before selecting the appropriate plan.

Once you have your short list, it may be helpful to set up some evaluation phone calls to look at the breadth of services and the customer service experience. As part of your search engine optimization efforts, you will have to act as account manager and project manager for your clients. You need to know what kind of support you will have and how much you will have to do from an operations standpoint.

Finally, look at their testimonials and case studies to understand the quality of their work. As a reseller, you become an extension of their business and need to be able to offer quality services. While there is considerable effort in an SEO campaign, by using an outsourced provider you are able to complement your services and create another income stream without a lot of extra overhead.

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  1. Definitely talk to the support people so you know how helpful they might be when situation really arise.

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