Legal Tax Help for IRS Issues

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Legal Tax Help for IRS Issues

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Dealing with the IRS can sometimes be a very frightening experience. You may be in a position where you need legal tax help or legal tax advice. Many people think that they have no recourse when dealing with the IRS. They find themselves in a situation that may require a Philadelphia tax lawyer that can provide legal tax help.

Yes, it is quite well known that it may be very easy to find yourself in a difficult situation with the IRS. The whole process seems overwhelmingly confusing. For instance, the 1040EZ, which is the easiest IRS form, has 33 pages of instructions. Imagine what the rest of the forms look like. The Cato Institute has presented estimates that there are approximately 1.2 million tax preparers in the United States. There must be a reason there are so many professionals in this field.

Legal tax help can certainly be found with these professionals. These are the people that understand the tax code. For example, did you know that the United States Constitution, which was adopted in 1787, did authorize the federal government to levy and collect taxes? However, the Constitution also requires that certain types of tax revenues be given to states in proportion to the population of that state.

Legal tax help found during a tax attorney consultation will provided information about powers granted to the IRS. According to the Internal Revenue Code, the IRS has the power to levy wages, social security payments, bank accounts, insurance proceeds, accounts receivables, real property, and even personal residences in some cases. However, through legal tax help you will find that in order to comply with the Constitution, the IRS is legally bound to provide the taxpayer with notice of the levy, as well as the opportunity to be heard.

While you may think that the situation you are facing is untenable, through legal tax help you may be able to successfully wade through the issues and arrive at a satisfactory outcome. If you are facing IRS issues, find a tax lawyer and get some legal tax help and answers to tax questions now.
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  1. The IRS system did not used to be this bad. It has only been recently that it has become completely confusing.

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