Make Your Smile Brighter

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Make Your Smile Brighter

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Stained, cracked teeth do not make for the best smile. If you are facing a need to replace your teeth, consider getting dental implants. While dentures can slide out of place and getting permanent ones is a lengthy process that involves creating a mold of the patient’s gums first. Dental implants use a process of fusing an artificial tooth root to a person’s jawbone, adding in a connector, and securing the replacement tooth to the connector. This process does not take long and dental implants give patients the most natural feeling teeth of any dental tooth replacement procedure.

Because patients frequently opt for this procedure, $144 billion is collected in dental implant revenue every year. Dental implant teeth cost an individual at least $4,000 per tooth and insurance companies do not typically cover the cost. The best dental implants use porcelain to give a real tooth enamel feel. An all-porcelain crown can cost as much as $3,000 alone. This is the average cost of dental implants regardless of which dental implant clinic you choose. But keep in mind that the implants are considered permanent and that dental implants also boast a 98 percent success rate. Also, all dental work comes with a cost.

If you are approaching retirement, you are probably in the majority of people who are seeking a solution to rotted teeth or gingivitis. About 80 percent of the people who receive implants are over the age of 30 and a large amount of people in their 60s are missing their original teeth. Even though dental implant teeth cost thousands of dollars, it is worth restoring your smile. Get more info here.

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