The Secret to Lasting Makeup

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The Secret to Lasting Makeup

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Did you know that one third of women refuse to leave their homes without wearing makeup, and another 10% will not let boyfriends, or sometimes even spouses, see them sans makeup? Wearing makeup does not, however, go hand-in-hand with damaging attitudes. Women can use makeup to enhance their natural beauty, promote skin, lip, and nail health, and confidently express themselves. What are some fun and healthy ways to wear makeup?

Keep Makeup Fun

Keeping makeup up fun and creative promotes a healthy attitude toward beauty and self-image. What are some of the easiest ways to keep makeup application simple and enjoyable?

  • Be creative. First and foremost, creativity keeps makeup application fun, and lends itself to some of the most professional makeup tips. Nail polishes and finishes, for example, afford women all kinds of possibilities. Industry anaylst Karen Grant puts it simply, “The appeal, and power of the nail category is both the permission to play, and the accessibility in price.”

    For a relatively reasonable prices, women can paint fingernails and toenails just about any desired shade, add glitter and sparkles to nails, or use detailing pens to create elaborate, and precise, designs. Some brands even offer spunky crackle polish, or unique magnetic polishes.

  • Keep face makeup worry-free. One of the very worst things can be worrying about makeup fading, smudging, and/or flaking. Ideally, women should be able to apply makeup, and wear it confidently for the rest of the day. Some products can leave you with faded, feathering lipstick or a thick clump of eyeshadow in the crease of your eye. The secret to lasting makeup, and to avoid looking like a five year old raiding your mothers’ makeup stash, is primer. Makeup primer can be used for foundation, eyeshadow, and lip products.

    Frustrated and constantly asking how to apply makeup foundation? Always start with a thin layer of primer. Primer will help you foundation smoothly blend into, and even out, your natural skin tone. Likewise, eye shadow primer keeps eyeshadow smooth and clump-free, and lip primer prevents lip color from wearing and bleeding. Women should also carefully check makeup for expiration dates. Liquid foundation, for example, needs to be replaced after six months of use.

Stop obsessing about how to apply makeup foundation. Keep makeup lighthearted and fun by being creative, and using primers to keep makeup looking fresh and healthy.
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