What’s Your First Choice for Boston News?

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What’s Your First Choice for Boston News?

2013 has turned out to be an important year to stay informed about major national news. The latest big event, on the heels of the tragic and frightening Boston Marathon bombing, has turned out to be intelligence analyst Edward Snowden’s leak of classified spying policies that have unnerved the public and prompted a heavy handed response from the government. For many locals, the place they heard these stories first was WCVB Channel 5 News Boston.

Channel 5 News Boston is a Hearst owned station that that partners with Hearst Television, CNN, ABC and Internet Broadcasting to bring Bostonians timely and top quality content on TV and online. Although the Boston Globe is surely the best known and most widely read print news in Boston (and has a robust online presence), WCVB Channel 5 Boston is the city’s dominant TV news, and a hot news destination online as well. Channel 5 News Boston is also blessed with a great news team including anchors like Kathy Curran, Randy Price and Bianca de la Garza.

The people of Boston also know they can rely on Channel 5 News weather updates and forecasts to help plan their week. Boston’s climate is lively and always changing, with varied seasonal conditions. In other words, it can be unpredictable, but the team at Channel 5 News Boston has a way of staying ahead of the game and providing great forecasts that you can really rely on.

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