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Learn to Predict the Weather!

The Channel 5 Weather Boston team does a great job at predicting the weather, but did you know that you can also make rough predictions of the weather without all of the scientific equipment? Of course, nowadays all you need to do is check the Channel 5 Weather Boston news feed on your phone, but […]


Channel 5 News and Weather

The news can keep you up to date on current events around the world. It can let you know about events and happenings across town or right in your neighborhood. It can give you budget tips, cooking advice, and the latest entertainment news and gossip. But of all the reason you tune in to Channel […]


What’s Your First Choice for Boston News?

2013 has turned out to be an important year to stay informed about major national news. The latest big event, on the heels of the tragic and frightening Boston Marathon bombing, has turned out to be intelligence analyst Edward Snowden’s leak of classified spying policies that have unnerved the public and prompted a heavy handed […]


Watch the News for Weather

One of the top reasons people watch the news is to learn what the weather is going to be like. No matter where you live, the local news outlets report on the weather at a regular pace throughout the day. If you are lucky, you can always get home and check out the channel 5 […]


News and Weather on Channel 5 in Boston

Everyone knows that the Northeast is infamous for its vacillating weather, and Boston FOX news provides the Ch 5 News and Weather for the Boston area. Boston Channel 5 Weather offers not only segments on the regular Channel 5 news shows, but also provides weather alerts across the screen during emergency conditions and maintains podcasts, […]


The Most Accurate Weather Forecast in Boston

In the northeaster United States the weather can be so volatile that most people would be willing to deal with four months straight of subfreezing temperatures and snow everyday, if only they could count on consistent weather. Just watching Boston weather channel 5 during the months of January through March and you get it all, […]

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